Online Predators

Adding to a point mentioned in one of my earlier posts, another threat to young people on the internet is online predators. This is not to say that adolescents and teenagers are the only targets of such activities. ANYONE could be a victim. In most cases, an online predator will pose as someone who is not themselves; someone younger, older, different gender, etc.. This is done to make the predator seem more appealing to his/her target and manipulate them into believing they are someone the victim can relate to or form a relationship with. Worst case scenario: the victim agrees to meet up with the predator whose intentions are grave.. ending in molestation or worse. Suggestive tips to avoid these types of situations include: taking a friend or parent when meeting someone from the internet in person; meeting said person in a public and well lit area; telling a friend or family member exactly where you are going and when you expect to be home; or, just avoid meeting strangers online, period.


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