Stupid Questions

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”

When i was fifteen years old I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis , but i didn’t let that anger me or slow me down. Having said that, it really irks me when people ask questions such as: “Oh, you have arthritis? But isn’t that only for old people??”

No….I thought only illiterate people asked such ignorant questions.

While it is less common, it is not unusual for young teenagers to show early signs of many types of Arthritis.

“So, since you have arthritis, does that mean you’re super fragile? Will your bones break if I touch you?”

Again, no. My bones are not made of glass. It just causes inflammation and swelling in the joints. It can lead to cartilage deterioration if left untreated, but not breaking of bones.

Another visible aspect of my body that is often brought to attention is the giant brown birthmark located on the left side of my left leg, right around my knee area.

Summer rolls around and the weather is nice so I break out all of my shorts and blow away the dust..

“Whoa! What happened to your leg?!?” they ask.

What do you mean, is there a giant gash on my leg that I am unaware of??

“The brown spot! Did you get burned??!?”

Apparently some people have never heard of or seen a birthmark, which I find extremely hard to believe because over half of people have one.

Oh well.


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