Giving away too much information?

If you’ve read my About Me page you know I love to travel. I also love to document my travels with photos and notes. Most of the photos are posted to some form of social media to show all of my friends and family where I went and what a fantastic time i had!Unfortunately, posts such as these, when done whilst still on vacation can lead to loss of property. That is, by posting photos online showing that you are out of town and away from your home. This can serve as a giant WELCOME sign to potential burglars who will leap at the opportunity of a temporarily vacant home. Piece of cake!
My advice to avoid situations like this is to take all the photos you like, but wait until you are back in your home before posting them. Also make it clear when you caption the photos that you have already returned home from your vacation as to avoid a robbery or worse.

[Image by Anna Hutto]


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