Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying poses a great threat to many adolescents and teenagers and is one of parents’ biggest fears for their children’s mental stability. Cyber bullying is differentiated from cyber harassment in that cyber bullying occurs when a child under the age of 18 bullies or harasses another child, and cyber harassment occurs when an adult chooses to harass anyone of any age. Both are equally wrong, but in my opinion, cyber bullying poses a greater danger. Children and teenagers are far less evolved in their mental/emotional capacity and extremely more impressionable in most cases. This is why parents should monitor their child’s internet activity and preferably limit their use.


Unsecured Public Networks 

As a college student, I’ve done my fair share of Starbucks study sessions.. Why not? They provide free wifi and amazing coffee, or as I call it, “go juice.”

Unfortunately connecting to these public networks can be very dangerous because you’re putting all of your personal information at risk. Many hackers have the knowledge and ability to get between you and the connection point in a public network and gather all of the info you’re sending right to their computer. 

Using networks such as these can also result in viruses or other types of malware dirt subdued by someone who wished to harm your computer or obtain your information. It’s much easier than you might think. 

Giving away too much information?

If you’ve read my About Me page you know I love to travel. I also love to document my travels with photos and notes. Most of the photos are posted to some form of social media to show all of my friends and family where I went and what a fantastic time i had!Unfortunately, posts such as these, when done whilst still on vacation can lead to loss of property. That is, by posting photos online showing that you are out of town and away from your home. This can serve as a giant WELCOME sign to potential burglars who will leap at the opportunity of a temporarily vacant home. Piece of cake!
My advice to avoid situations like this is to take all the photos you like, but wait until you are back in your home before posting them. Also make it clear when you caption the photos that you have already returned home from your vacation as to avoid a robbery or worse.

[Image by Anna Hutto]

my computerJust about everyone has their own personal computer these days, or at least one they share with their families. We use them for just about everything, including staying in touch with loved ones, doing work/school work, or even online banking. Participating in these cyber activities, while extremely convenient, is just as dangerous. So, in order to keep ourselves, our families and our private information safe it is crucial to practice safe computing!

[Image by Anna Hutto]

Laws in Computing

Compared to laws and the justice system, computers have only been around for a short while.This is part of the reason why laws in computing and cyber laws in general are so up for interpretation. However, with the cyber world growing at such the rate it is, rules have to be applied in order to keep balance and justice in this modern world.

The Dangers of Snapchat

Snapchat is one the most popular picture sharing app to date. The likely reason is how easy and quick it is to send a quick pic and also the thought that these images disappear after about 10 seconds.. However, this is far from true. What the producers of snapchat won’t tell you is that these images never disappear, just because you can no longer see them DOES NOT mean that the image is gone. Once something is posted to the internet, it is owned by whatever site you post it to. Another thought to consider is the fact that our smart phones allow us to screen shot any image we please. And it is absolutely possible to screenshot a snapchat (bit of a tongue twister). So be mindful of the images you choose to share over the internet, they could very well come back to haunt you some day..


We’ve all seen the MTV hit Catfish, so it comes as no surprise that this type of thing happens all the time and to more people than you’d imagine. For those who don’t know, Catfishing is not only an outdoor sport, but is also a term used to describe when a person creates a profile on some form of social media and uses mostly fake information to represent themselves, such as stolen pictures, false names, occupations, etc.. in order to attract someone who otherwise wouldn’t give them a second thought. This is done to form a romantic relationship with another person.

Be Weary of the Catfish!!!